Percentage Based Gacha Reward System - Suggestion


[Classic Gacha percentage Based reward system for customers who continue to roll and limited release machines/banner incentives to mimic most Gacha Games in JP.]

The current problem is there are no incentives to roll and continue to roll despite fiat spent.

The way things are now only incentivizes those with a ton of money to roll. And segregates those who don’t have a lot of fiat to spend. Ostracizing the general population from collection will result in a ton of dry periods.

45$ is not an accessible price for the average person. Period. I have to make this statement because the majority of people playing have big pockets.

In order to curate a community of players, there needs to be a gaurentee that they will be compensated for their spending.

As of now there is little incentive to keep
rolling for cards due to the insane chance ratio and amount of fiat needing be spent to get anything rare.

Most of the machines are RNG without any reward/returns to the user who continues to spin and spend money.

This would create a system that makes it fair to both players with big pockets or small pockets.


Most mobile Gachapon games like Arknights, FateGo, Bang Dream and many more use a system that rewards players for continued attempts.

How this is done, is each character banner or in your case “gachapon machine” has a specific chance ratio for the seasonal character to be collected which is increased above the average ratio of distribution. An example of how this system operates is below.


You have three machines. One of which has a limited edition character named “Jericho” that you are only releasing 15 of in the pool.

In this specific machine, the ratio to get the character is 0.06% instead of 0.01%. Additionally, a total of 30 spins gaurenteed the player a 6 Star character no matter what.

Even If they don’t get the specific character, they are given a 100,% chance gaurentee of a 5-6 Star rare card after 30 rolls.

After this guaranteed roll, all ratios are reset to 0.01% for all character rolls from this point on.

This means that after that seasonal character is received by all who get it, that the banner officially distributes all rates at the average percentage.

To offset people from getting all rares, you would have all others in the pool at the normal percentage rate.

Typically games like to be a little more generous and place average percentage chances at 0.025 to offset the insane difficulty to get Ultra Rares.

The difference to these games is there is no “scarcity” which is why the incentive to play would be more encouraging, as the player would be driven by FOMO to be the one to snag that seasonal limited edition rare.

Which means more people scrambling to play, and more.“value” arbitrarily given by the timed limitation.


The overall benefit this would give is more incentives for players to participate in seasonal releases and machines, and a better reward for participating as a player to begin with.

Everyone can claim a rare after a certain amount is spent, which makes it easier for the average Joe to participate.

How I would do this for your machines since the average price is so large is create a machine that offers a single rare after about 5 rolls.


I’m not entirely sure how much it would cost to implement an idea like this, but it would certainly open the doors to people who can only afford to spend about 30-100$ a week on Gacha games.

Typically that is the average in most markets.

In my opinion, you’d be much better off having 100 people spending 5$ to roll than 20 people spending 45$ to roll. More people = more money. More incentives and rewards for pushing liquidity into machines = more people willing to play.

I will say, I’m one of those people. As I can only afford to spend 50$ a week when it comes to these things.

After seeing someone spend 400$ and only get ash. I refuse to play because of it.

Just a little food for thought.

I ended up just buying NFT cards directly because it seemed more fun for me to collect in a way I knew what I was getting. Which defeats the purpose of using Gacha and Doki Doki directly.

Hopefully something like this can be done in the future. Even if it’s not with the current series of cards.

With that said, I welcome anyone else to offer more ideas in addition to this, or to alter my suggestion as you see fit; as of course there are those here who would "get rekt’ by some changes this would cause. But I as a player beleive it’d a necessary change to get new players to participate on a regular basis.

This suggestion was started due to the discord conversation I added to in suggestions, you can see that in attachments.

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Thanks for the suggestion !
I fully agree with the premise, getting only ashes or low rarity NFTs because of bad luck is not a great feeling, especially if you can’t roll until your luck turns around.

Now I’m not sure if the system that works for mobile games will work here for the following reasons:

  • In most mobile games, there are an infinite supply for all items, meaning that no matter what, you can assure a higher rarity item because those never run out.
  • Rarity is subjective, if we want to put a system like this in place, we need artists to strictly follow some guidelines in term of how many NFTs they should mint for the given rarity to have something balanced, and some might not be aligned with that.
  • The smart contract is not aware of how much is the max supply for a given token ID, so the machine could think it gives a rare NFT where it’s just scarce in the machine, and not outside of it.

I’m actually more aligned with what “Ousikai” in your first screenshot said, allow lower rarity NFTs to be burned to get a higher rarity one. This could be applied to any of our existing NFTs, future ones, and artists could opt out of this if they don’t want their NFTs to be burned or if the project that created the machine feels like burning their NFTs would mess up with what they had planned.

PS: Those views are my own, and I don’t claim to have the perfect solution, so disagreeing with me is heavily encouraged :smiley:

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I agree. I think the fact you have a limited supply makes this less feasible, and as Moltar told me privately–the vocal majority would much rather have a higher ROI and a higher price to roll so that investors of BND can sell when the price goes up.

The circumstance of market fluctuation though has made investors hold rather than sell. Which is a funny situation.

Understandable on the guidelines though.

I’ll say this–and I don’t meant to mention any competition as an ill-will or as a “they are doing it why can’t you?” Type thing, but to give perspective on other places.

Anifty does this currently. Where you are restricted to make specific rarities and have a fixed amount of cards for that set. However they are exclusively curating an anime only NFT platform alone and it’s a “market” not a Gacha. (and their market isn’t even open yet but this is their roadmap of operation)…So all prices are fixed and it’s more like you’re buying paintings with card aesthetics than anything. But in my eyes, simplicity is key in that format. As it’s fixed and the market is in the hands of the people who resell on secondary.

With your system it curates and rewards community more for playing regardless of the market. Which honestly is better off in terms of consistent operation.

As for the fact the smart contract can’t see max rarity, that does pose an additional issue then. So I see why this would be hard to implement. However; I do believe a good way to get around this flaw would be what Ousikai stated.

It would allow for people to still get incentivized by burning old cards. But what of those who get ash? I can’t burn that. Or unbind it…or even sell it.

Should we somehow open the doors for those players to do so? Perhaps?
Maybe make a seasonal “purge the ash” event that rewards partially with some BND and returns that Ash “back” to the Gacha pool? This way they get some kind of return but can potentially hold their BND or re-spend that portion + what they buy on another roll?

Or is this another circumstance of “the contract is fixed?”

As for other machines not related to CB. I can see what you mean! I like the idea of an opt in and out mechanic…tbh I’d totally opt in. It’s a great idea.

I appreciate you listening though even if my idea isn’t feasible. Perhaps it can be for a future project.

Update: Another thing to add to this perspective of mine is that I come to this as a player. Not an investor like most.
I want you to view me as an average player coming with no background in investment and care for how the platform operates. I just want to have “fun” clicking that button and getting a cool card.

Most here seem to be of the “what’s the way to best maximize my investment” position, which is in my opinion pretty anti-consumer.

As a consumer. I just wanna play the machines and not worry if I’m gonna be breaking my bank. I will however participate as much as I can in the forum and read the other posts to get a view on DokiDoki operation.

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You seem to be focusing on Chainbinders a lot, but it’s only one project among hundreds that we would like to onboard, so we need to have something that would require as low custom rules as possible (ideally none, think like Uniswap doesn’t have custom behavior depending on the tokens in their pools). We can still do something exotic from time to time though, but that will most likely be a special event with a special machine contract.

It’s a good example though, what if Roy and the Chainbinders team have something planned for ashes ? Maybe they don’t want people to burn them, because that would either mess with their plan, or people will get angry because they burned something that now has utility. That’s the kind of things we should be careful of, if a project comes forth and say “we have our own plan for our NFTs, we just want to distribute them via your gachapon system”, we probably shouldn’t force them to take into account an arbitrary burn mechanism. This won’t stop us from applying that burn to any NFT as long as we are in agreement with the creators.

If possible, this is something we would like to have shortly after the permission-less is released.

That’s a great perspective, and I thank you for taking the time to share your point of view :slight_smile:

And, personally, I think you’re not alone, you’re probably a majority even. We would like to have gachapons for all kinds of wallets, but it will also be up to the artist/project to price their pieces accordingly :wink: But it’s good to have people to remind us if we go too far from this path.