More revenue with other project and more incentive for token holder

 Hi rei and all doki doki staff. I have been with you since the first day (won a quiz for token sale ^^) Thanks for all of your love to this project and still with us. So, let start. In my opinion a DeGacha platform is very fun and addictive but it seems like it hit only a collector who like a NFTs or want to a support his/her favourite artist (and I also known all of the NFTs space drop due to decrease in trend and a bear market). The pain point of that is the platform didn't generate much revenue to impact to the buyback method. We need more income to solve it.
 So, which way to increase a income, just an idea below
  1. More sideline project which different from NFTs (DeGacha and Chainbinders). Maybe a DeFi things because since 2018 a growth of DeFi increse like exponential and yes a lot of money in that space too. For an example like @Terra_money they have many project in a pipeline to be release for more revenue for $LUNA and $UST ecosystem. (Maybe DBank, DSwap, Dtresury, etc on old roadmap need to be back again with more upgrade)

  2. Increase popularity of brand of Doki Doki with marketing or anything. This is out of control as well because it let time be the proof. For example Binance NFTs market have a lot of attention and there mystery box sold in a second. So, more marketing and collapse should help this point.
    Next to talk about a incentive for token holder. As every one know $DOKI supply only 50,000 token but now it can’t retain on price and also decreasing in numbers of holder too. It’s mean DStake didn’t meet the needs for holder to hold $DOKI. Just an example on @Axieinfinity on $AXS and $SLP, they have many demand from user to hold (and also buy more) to use in breeding a Axis (monster in game), and another more to come like stake too. With all this factor $AXS and $SLP can retain a price in a long run. So, the way to increase a incentive is very important. An idea below

  3. Jump in to play to earn game?? I feel like this would be a next trend. For more utility by our own way. (Also help on more fan base and popularity too. then they will know more about our main platform (DeGacha and CB) (hit an investor, gamer) Just thinking anyone has more idea pls comment below.

  4. Lottery??

  5. Backed real asset?? (estate or a thing)

    That all. I really appreciate if my post help Doki Doki finance. I always support you guys and have your back as well. Thanks all team for amazing work and still improve :blue_heart: Hope to see @dokidokifinance the best NFTs ecosystem in the world :kissing_heart:

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